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Become a Beekeeper Class/Package

Have you wanted to become a backyard beekeeper but don’t know where to begin?  Looking into the right beekeeping starter kit for beginners?

Consider HoneyBee School beekeeping beginners kit – a beekeeping starter kit with EVERYTHING you need to start.

This backyard beehive startup kit is our flagship offering.  Everything an aspiring beekeeper (with no experience) needs for the first season.  This course/package provides 1) backyard beehive starter kit – the equipment/gear needed 2) your honeybees with mated queen 3) detailed instruction/tutorials in video format that teach beginning beekeeping in a step-by-step way 4) live on-demand support for the first season.

You will learn the critical basics for a new backyard beekeeper – equipment, installation, inspections, hive maintenance, etc.

Your beekeeping starter kit with bees includes:

  • HoneyBee School Beginner’s Equipment Kit: All woodenware for a single Langstroth Hive, 2 deep boxes and honey box, hive tools, protective gear, hive modifiers, hive treatments. All the “stuff” needed for the first season.
  • Package of live honeybees: A 3-pound package of Italian, 3-band or Carniolan bees containing approximately 10,000 worker bees and a mated queen bee (delivered in the spring).
  • Virtual instruction with detailed master class; 60+ well-organized modules; material always available in virtual classroom for your pace and timing
  • Live coaching and support from a 12-year+ experienced instructor: regular, live, optional Q&A sessions, throughout the first season, help forums, etc.

Please read the FAQs to understand if this beekeeping startup kit is right for you.