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Become a Backyard Beekeeper

Backyard Beekeeping!  A fun and interesting hobby that lasts a lifetime.  This is our flagship offering.  Everything an aspiring beekeeper (with no experience) needs to become a beekeeper for life.  1) the equipment and gear for your first season  2) your live honeybees with mated queen delivered in the spring  3) instruction/tutorials  4) live support throughout the season.

Everything is included . . . equipment/gear, bees, instruction, and support all in a single package.  100% satisfaction guarantee.

$762 $652 (Limited Time Offer)  


  • - HoneyBee School Beginner’s Equipment Kit: All woodenware for a single Langstroth Hive, 2 deep boxes and honey box, hive tools, protective gear, hive modifiers, hive treatments. Everything needed for the first season
  • - Package of live honeybees: A 3-pound package of bees containing approximately 10,000 worker bees and a mated queen bee (delivered in the spring)
  • - Virtual instruction with detailed master class; 60+ well-organized modules; material always available in virtual classroom for your pace and timing
  • - Live coaching and support from a Master Beekeeper Instructor: regular, live, optional Q&A sessions, throughout the first season, help forums, etc.

Questions about this course

How does it work if I order?

When you order this course.  1) you will have digital access to your virtual classroom  2) within a few weeks you will receive a shipment of all of your equipment (~68 lbs worth)   3) when installation happens in your state (usually the early spring) you will receive your live bees  4) you will be invited to optional, regular, live support events to get live coaching or any support you need.

What do I need to consider before signing up for this course?

Consider (and research if necessary) these five things before enrolling in this course:

1)  Due to Africanized Bees, this class/product is not offered in Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, or Nevada.

2)  Check local and state ordinances for beekeepers.

3)  Beekeepers will get stung.  Consider if allergies or other health issues would prevent you from being a beekeeper.

4)  Beekeeping requires 1-2 hours every ten days to tend to the hive.

5)  Consider neighbors and those who may be impacted by nearby hives.

For more information review our FAQs.

Will I get honey/beeswax products?

That is one of the goals!  Beekeeping may produce wonderful products such as honey or beeswax.  That said, bees are live beings and have a mind of their own.  You may or may not have a successful harvest based on a variety of factors.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes!  Active Duty and Veterans of the US military or National Guard  can enjoy a 15% discount using code HBSVets22 at checkout.

Contact us if you are interested in when other discounts are available.

What is your 100% guarantee?

If you are not 100% satisfied with this course we will make it right.  It is that simple.